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Box Singh is committed to  to create champions from TRIBAL and RURAL  community rather than portray poverty porn from their strata of community.

Move away from being recognised with a sympathy factor and be noted and recognized for their individual talent and performance accolades.

Change the balance of living for the Tribal’s & under Privileged by providing an opportunity.

Affiliated to WBC/WBO through IBC ( Indian Boxing Council)

Started in 2010 with mere 2 coaching staff and 14 kids, we have over 100 coaching staff including current India’s heavyweight Champion training future champs. ( Mr.  Jagdeep Singh)

Facility: Our journey of starting with half acre of land, today it stands at 7 plus acres.

Coaching staff of over 100 pan India.

Talent are identified and training pan India – Over 800 Boxers.

First ever live event with 4 title fights + 2 Tribal fights ,covered live by a national broadcaster and over 1500 tickets sold with Celebrity attendance.

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